Climbing in Morocco

Someone just recently asked me if there was rock climbing in Morocco. The answer is “Yes!” For those who are looking for some good climbing, you might want to consider heading over the High Atlas Mountains to the Todra Gorges. These rock walls are perfect for climbing! You can either create your own route up the wall or you can follow one of the routes left behind by a previous rock climber.

From what I understand, most rock climbers like to just grab their gear and head out into the wild to climb. For those looking to climb Morocco, you might want to hook up with a rock climbing company to assist you in your climbing adventure. I have some friends who just moved to Marrakech to start a Morocco rock climbing business. They have launched a new website called Climb Moroccco…it is worth a visit for those interested in Morocco rock climbing.

Perhaps you are wanting a Morocco tour with a day excursion of rock climbing, Experience It! Tours can arrange for you the perfect tour…incorporating a day of climbing near Marrakech or the Todra Gorges.

Rock climbing in Morocco is just being developed. Why not come and enjoy a country with great mountains and few climbers. Climb Morocco!

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