Medical Care

Medical care is generally substandard; however, private medical care is available in most cities. While the health system has been making improvements to health standards in Morocco, there remain huge problems in the system. The challenge is to increase human and material resources and access to health care, despite socio-economic constraints. King Mohammad VI has been involved in initiatives to create health care access in rural areas of for the poor.

Health Advice:

Drink bottled water and avoid ice
Eat only cooked or peeled fruits and vegetables and avoid salads
Be careful of food purchased from street vendors
Wear seatbelts and avoid night driving
Bring mosquito and insect bite protection
Don’t handle animals
Don’t swim in fresh water lakes or streams
Recommended Vaccinations :

Hepatitis A
Hepatitis B
Rabies (if you may be exposed to animals during your stay)
Tetanus/ Diphtheria

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