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The Ameln Valley, Morocco

Are you interested in hiking or trekking in Morocco? If you are outdoorsy travellers, then you might want to consider adding a trip to the Ameln Valley to your Morocco tour itinerary!

This hidden valley paradise is located in the south of Morocco in the Anti Atlas Mountains with unique rock formations, jagged cliffs and some of the most picturesque villages you will ever see. It’s around 5 hours drive south of Marrakech. The most noteworthy town near the valley is Tafraoute, which is one possible place to find accommodations.

The hills are brimming with palm trees, almond trees and Argan trees. The soil here is so fertile that the area has become a popular Argan area. Argan is an olive-like fruit that is used to make oil that is popular for skin treatments. Harvesting argan oil has been one method of bringing jobs to the women of the valley!

There are twenty six villages to explore in the valley with the houses and mosques all painted in red and pink, making them spectacular against the granite rocks of the mountain. Different villages have different appeals, from Jewish cemeteries to natural springs to Berber houses. You may want to hire a guide in order to get the most out of your visit, and avoid getting lost, as the ways are not always clear.

The Ameln Valley’s incredible rock formations are one reason that this area is attractive to visitors. If you come at just the right time, one of the rock formations looks just like its name: The Lion’s Face.

Another sight to see near the Ameln valley are the painted rocks by Jean Verome, a Belgian artist who spray-painted the granite boulders in bright colors back in 1984. The rocks stand out against the beauty of the valley, though they have faded since being painted. There is some other graffiti on top of the paint as well, now, but it’s a fascinating sight to see if you are interested in art or the history of the area!

The Ameln Valley is the ideal place to spend a day or a couple of days. If you want to visit all the villages, take a few days to really get a sense of the area, soak up the culture, and enjoy the beauty of Morocco.

Morocco Travel Tip – Shopping for Berber Carpets

It’s one of those experiences that everyone has heard about – legendary in Morocco.

Shopping for a Berber carpet.

All the myths, tales, and stereotypes aside, seeing a carpet show can be a remarkably fascinating experience. Sit and drink mint tea or orange juice (whatever your preference) as people unfold carpet after carpet in front of your eyes. Red, orange, brown, with a multitude of different patterns and styles, each one sends you into a flurry of indecision because now it’s too hard to decide which one is actually the most beautiful.

But, there are tales and stereotypes for a reason: almost every tourist to Morocco has heard a horror story of how some unsuspecting visitor got completely ripped off by a carpet-seller. It’s true, if you have no idea what you are looking for and what a carpet should cost, it is possible to be taken advantage of. After all, they are trying to sell their wares at the highest price possible…it’s good business! Here are some of our best tips for you to be able to ENJOY your carpet show, and walk home happy with a carpet for your home.

Tips for Morocco Travel

Morocco has grown in popularity with tourists from around the world. The wonderfully warm Mediterranean climate combined with spectacular beaches, superior historical and cultural sites and a host of outdoor activities is what keeps travelers holidaying in this beautiful North African country year after year. There are a few things you should know when traveling to Morocco to make your vacation an enjoyable one.

Winter Travel To Morocco

Are you trying to escape the cold weather of your winter?

If you live in a country where November-March is unpleasantly cold, Morocco is a great option to visit as a sunny escape. This isn’t to say that Morocco is hot all year – see our weather guide to get an idea of what to expect each month. However, even though it won’t be hot, Morocco does get a lot of sun throughout the whole year. There are many advantages to traveling to Morocco during the winter.

2 Ideas For Day Excursions from Fes, Morocco

Are you looking for some day trips from Fes?

Here are 2 day excursions that are worth adding into your itinerary, if you have time!

1. Volubilis / Meknes – Roman & Imperial Cities

Perhaps the most popular day excursion from Fes is a full day trip to the Roman Ruins of Volubilis and then Meknes.

7 Things To Do In Meknes

Is Meknes a stop on your itinerary?

Here are seven things that you should see while in this Imperial City…

Located in Northern Morocco, Meknes is only sixty kilometers from Fes and was the capital of Morocco until 1727. Situated close to the Atlas Mountains, this beautiful city is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site filled with things to do and explore and ideal for a day visit when traveling to Morocco.

The Day in the Life of a Berber

Perhaps one of our most enjoyed day trips from Marrakech is The Day in the Life of a Berber! This hands-on cultural day is full of fun, learning, and experiencing Berber culture. It is a day excursion or overnight trip that can easily be added to your Morocco tour. Want to know more?

What to Wear in Morocco: Packing Tips

“Deciding which clothes stay or go can be a nightmare.”

Most travelers find themselves in one of these situations:
1) looking at their suitcase and realizing they didn’t bring the right things or
2) looking at their suitcases and wondering why they brought so much.

Packing is hard enough for a vacation in a culture where you are completely comfortable. It gets even more difficult when you go to another country with a culture that is more conservative than you are used to.

Morocco Tour TripAdvisor Reviews: 3 Things to Remember

Is TripAdvisor really the best place to find reviews about Morocco tours?

Over the past years, TripAdvisor has become one of the authorities on world travel. Millions of people visit TripAdvisor each month to help find travel advice and reviews. The website is extremely powerful but there are a few things that you need to remember when using TripAdvisor for tour reviews.

Family Holidays to Morocco: Fun Ideas For Children

No one likes to drag their kids half way around the world on a family holiday and have their kids bored out of their minds. Has this ever happened to you? As a young boy, I had the opportunity to snorkel in the Seychelles and explore the Masai Mara in Kenya! My parents were amazing at planning activities that the 3 of us would enjoy.

When the kids are whining, even the perfect destination can be ruined.

How can you avoid that from happening in Morocco?

In 2001, I packed my family up and headed off to Morocco. An adventure of a lifetime! My kids had the opportunity to experience the real Morocco. Here are 5 things that our family loved in Morocco and I am sure your kids will too.

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